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“Betsaleel Pro. Multi Service” is a Retail Gospel Music Distribution and Production around the town…  This is our way to participate to the spreading of the Gospel (Good News concerning Jesus Christ) throughout the world. Established in Toronto, Canada and has partners in North America, Europe including Kin-Express Multi Service and soon in Africa.

“Betsaleel Pro. Multi Service” aims to:

• Distribute various kind of Gospel Music style, such as: African, European, American, Australian… to the Christian community in Toronto, Canada in particular and North America in general and internationally with the idea to touch the rest of the world using our Ecommerce (online store) at

• Not only Organizing Evangelical Concerts (praise and worship) Style with Christian artists, but also, God’s willing, producing their work and talent in the studio to promote them  for God’s glory and Him alone.

“Betsaleel Pro. Multi Service”  is also a telecommunication company Based in Toronto, Ontario (G.T.A). We provide  Pin Less Direct call, International Mobile Recharge Service To our Agents (Point of Sale Agents) or directly to our end users. Our mission is to provide an affordable solution to people spending too much money on their international telecommunication over the phone while not being aware of hidden fees and not getting the real talk time reflecting the dollar value they spent. With honesty and loyalty, we give our customers the right products/services they deserve without charging them (extra dollars that they are not aware of) at their back.

So, connecting with your loved ones or making your business calls to international locations just got easier and more affordable. All calling services allow customers affordable solutions for clients with the needs to stay connected.  Betsaleel Pro. Multi Service allows you to make your phone calls whenever or wherever you are, while using a special local access number which you can reach with a local call from most locations in North America and many other countries.  We will soon be expanding to offer Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone lines in North America and other countries, subject to local laws and regulations.  Our hard working team is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to guarantee value-added service to our clientele. Customer service representatives are always on standby to assist you in any matter. We are associated and work with the best telecommunication providers on the market, and in turn pass these benefits on to you.

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